Thursday, October 15, 2009


kevin george

a unique Christmas gift ..
calendar available ...  here        

if you order a calendar, send me an email .. 
and ill send   you  some free stuff ! .. a surprise

Canvas prints
the one leaf  images are now
available as canvas prints                 here

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 you can however pick up leaves for free, 
just about anywhere !

one leaf

it all began with one leaf .. picked it up one day because i liked the colors

It got broken in transport. I remember being disappointed at the time, because i wanted it just the way i found it. Ive since reflected, there is one resource out there in the world that's free, and that i will never run out of .. leaves !

Eventually i got around to scanning it .. then i played around .. tried this and that .. saw possibilities .. had a few surprises .. got totally involved  .. it was good fun .. and ended up with enough images to publish my first calendar ..

I hope you enjoy broken leaf  as much as i did creating it.

besides the calendar, each image is available as prints,
matted, laminated, mounted, or framed,
wow ! so many choices !

so if your looking for a cool calendar for 2010 ...  this could be it !

support the arts !!!

best regards to all
kevin george
illustrator-designer storyteller

the calendar - one broken leaf


January -kiss !

February - scooter

March - bug

April - follow the leader

May - two

June - stretch to fly

July - lizard coming

August - alert !

September - lizard appears

October - getaway !

November - lizard and bird

December - pole house 

the perfect Christmas gift ! 

if you order a calendar , send me a quick message, let me know .. and ill send you some of my free smiley / expressions .. not just a round face smiley but " a character design " smiley .. that you can attach to your emails. You wont see these expression characters  anywhere .. only available through me. 

kevin george

framing examples .. 
Two - as a framed print and laminated print