Thursday, October 15, 2009


kevin george

a unique Christmas gift ..
calendar available ...  here        

if you order a calendar, send me an email .. 
and ill send   you  some free stuff ! .. a surprise

Canvas prints
the one leaf  images are now
available as canvas prints                 here

everything on this site is copyright to
kevingeorge-design. 2009. all rights reserved.
 you can however pick up leaves for free, 
just about anywhere !


  1. Brilliant Kev!! LOve em - you've done a great job of simplifying our complex-over-techno world down to something more meaningful. Quite Zen.

  2. wow ! thanks for that comment ! love it. I thought of it as being in the " Zen " zone too .. so i really do appreciate someone else seeing it that way. thanks again. Who are you anonymous, i wonder ?